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"Tales from Eerie County: Deceased Denise" (Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction) 210 pages.

Denise and Lee are suddenly ripped apart in a mysterious car accident on the eve of their high school dance where they were to share their first kiss. Seven years later, Adam and Lisa stumble upon an abandoned cemetery where the now "deceased" Denise is still waiting for that kiss. With time running out quickly for Denise and her "corpse" family, Adam and Lisa must figure out what truly happened the night of Denise's demise and reunite the lost lovers before the devious plans of a local funeral director can come to pass.

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"Tales from Eerie County: Tabby and The Hunchback of Eerie County High: Book 1" (Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction) 222 pages.

Tabby's ordinary world is turned upside down when she discovers that her ex-childhood friend, turned most popular boy in school, transforms into a hideous hunchbacked creature. Now with the help of her friends, and a few mythical creatures, Tabby races against time to uncover what happened and how to restore her friend's good looks before an ancient spell caster can use him in his plot to enslave mankind.

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"Tales from Eerie County: Tabby and The Dissolution of April: Book 2" (Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction) 216 pages.

Sudden unexplained visions cause Tabby to begin questioning not only her personal feeling about who she is, but her feeling for Jerry as their friendship begins to take them down a road she may not be ready for, or want. Meanwhile, Corum hatches a new scheme to build his army of servants with the help of Tabby's best friend, April, who is more than she appears.

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"Tales from Eerie County: Tabby and The Return of The Blood Elf Empress (Book 3)

"Tales from Eerie County: Tabby and The Return of The Blood Elf Empress: Book 3" (Young Adult Fantasy/Fiction) 298 pages.

After the death of her best friend, Tabby vows to finally put an end to Corum's plans for bringing an ancient evil back into existence. But before they can set their plans into action, a new foe arrives in the little town of Eerie County bringing with her a trail of blood and death, and a vendetta of her own. But before anyone's plans can be realized, good or evil, an Empress of a long extinct kingdom must once again be awakened.

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"Selfie Portrait" (16 and up: Language/Violence/Suggestive Themes) 238 pages.

From the mind that brought you the "Tales from Eerie County" series comes an intimate look at both the author and his short works spanning from 2013 to present. You'll laugh, cry, maybe even cringe as you venture into the numerous (and completely unedited) short stories, drabbles, poem, and ramblings from author Terry James himself!

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Jubilate In Despair: A poetic look into the lifelong effects of harrasment and bullying

Jubilate in Despair is a poetic journey into the mind of author Terry James as he explores his thoughts and emotions from his troubled past brought on by years of being bullied by his peers during elementary and high school. The Haikus and freeform poetry gives the reader a window into mixed emotions, self hate, low self esteem, contempt, and sorrow of the author during school and his early twenties.

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Short Stories Available on Amazon Kindle!

Holy Alliance by Terry James

Holy Alliance (16+) only $0.99

Unlike anything you've read before, an Oddity that will sure to please! Follow a team of historical popes as they battle to prevent the apocalypse in this weird short story from the mind that created the soon-to-be-famous "Tales from Eerie County" YA series.

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City of Light by Terry James

City of Light (16+) only $0.99

During an unexplained venture to the middle of the dessert, the Egyptian "shape-shifting" ruler Amenhotep is promised immortality by The Aten in exchange for his 100% loyalty. Soon, the newly renamed ruler, Akhenaten, begins to shake the ancient world with his newly formed religion, and his thirst for ultimate power. It is up to Mahu, another shape-shifter, to battle the armies of wolves and even The Aten itself to restore order and power in Egypt.

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